Doctor Makes Rude Remark to Patient, Then Removes Mask to Leave Her Sobbing in Tears

During difficult times, having family members by your side for support and encouragement is priceless. Sadly, our loved ones can’t always be with us when we need them. The woman in the video below named Mary Glasure knows that way too well.
Her son is in the Marine, which means he spends quite a lot of time away from his family. However, after the woman was diagnosed with cancer and had to start her sessions of chemotherapy, most of her family gathered to remind her that she is deeply loved and to help her fight the disease that ends so many lives throughout the world.
So, when Mary showed up for her appointment at the cancer center to find out more about what role will chemotherapy play in her battle with breast cancer, most of her family was right there by her side. But someone was missing, though.
Mary was told that her son the Marine just couldn’t take time off to come see he, although he really wanted to. In reality, though, the young man set up to surprise her. Hiding his face behind a doctor’s mask, the man made his way into the office without being recognized.
Now watch what happens after he removes the mask:

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