Defrost Your Windshield Effortlessly with Weatherman’s Solution

The weather is getting colder and colder outside, and you know what that means: soon you’ll have to deal with a problem that re-surfaces every single winter, and that is your car’s windshield getting all frosty and slippery.
Now, most car these days come with a self-defrosting feature, but that not only takes time but also gas. So instead of turning on your car and setting it to defrost, why not save gas and time by employing the smart hack shown in the video below.
This simple solution shown by a professional weatherman who knows a thing or two about the challenges that come with cold weather is going to help you clear frost off your windshield. The best part is that this is only going to take you a few minutes and will not require you putting in a lot of effort.
So if you’re typical morning looks pretty hectic like it does for most people these days, this is an awesome tip for you which will definitely come in handy.
This is information all drivers could stand to benefit from, so make sure to share this tip with as many people as possible. They will definitely appreciate it.

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