He dedicates song to his late best friend, moves Simon to tears with his beautiful voice

When he stepped on the stage at The X Factor UK, Josh Daniels seemed like he was just another contestant there wanting to impress the judges and get to the next stage of the competition.
But the reason the man was there had more profound meaning. You see, Daniel had tragically and unexpectedly lost his best friend two years ago, and his life hasn’t been the same ever since. The man wanted to honor his friend through his performance on stage and dedicated the song he chose to sing to his friend.
The emotion with which he sang the song got through to the audience, as well as the members of the judges who couldn’t help but be deeply touched by his performance.
Simon Cowell in particular seemed deeply moved by the song choice and the young singer’s performance. Having lost his mom, Simon knows just how devastating it is to lose a loved one and come to terms with the thought that you will never see that person ever again.
This is one performance you wouldn’t want to miss out on, so make sure to take a look. You won’t be sorry you did.

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