Darci Lynne Joins Pentatonix Onstage, But It’s Her Puppet’s Crazy Song That Has Everyone in Laughter

Although she is not even in high school, Darci Lynne Farmer became world famous after winning this year’s season of America’s Got Talent.
The young puppeteer impressed everyone with her skills, stage charisma as well as her incredible singing voice. She is definitely one of the most famous little girls in the entire world, and every time she steps on stage, we can expect magic to unfold.
Pentatonix, on the other hand, are much more experienced and are often dubbed as the best a Capella group of the last decade. Although they’ve recently underwent certain changes, with one of their members leaving the group, they are still on top of their game; always surprising their fans with something new.
Both Pentatonix and Darci are incredible artists, and someone came up with the brilliant idea to have them all perform together on the same stage for a Christmas special that will definitely blow you away. Their voices harmonize perfectly with one another, and Darcy’s puppet is that extra something that makes the entire performance stand out from the rest.
Listening to them all perform together is a gift in itself, so make sure to share it with others who might appreciate it as well.


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