The most dangerous roads in the world. Would you drive these?

Even if driving is an experience that typically relaxes you and you feel extremely comfortable behind the wheel, chances are you will think twice before taking your car on the roads shown in the video below. That’s because these are the most dangerous roads in the world, and that is surely not an exaggeration. These are the roads you would never want to drive!
Just looking at images and footage of them is enough to make most people car sick. These roads are located all over the world, and each one of them has something that will make your palms instantly start to sweat. From France to India and China, the awesome video below will take you all over the world and show you the kinds of roads that you’ll be happy you don’t have to drive on.
The compilation includes anything from isolated roads to roads that become submerged under water during a certain time in the day, extremely narrow roads that would anyone anxious, and more.
Go ahead and buckle up before you hit play. Got any friends who typically brag about being able to driver anywhere, anytime? Make sure to share this clip with them.

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