Dad’s driving with son when Sinatra plays on radio – they combine for a lovely duet

Most six years olds today would spend every minute of every day playing video games online with their friends. Most of them have no idea who Sinatra is but could easily tell you at least a dozen different video game characters.
Well, not the same can be said about Archie, the six-year-old boy in the video below. He not only knows who Frank Sinatra was but he also knows the lyrics to some of his most famous songs. And judging by the video, his dad has something to do with this.
The man has a passion for Sinatra’s music and he managed to instill that passion in his son as well. Now, the two have a lot of fun singing Sinatra songs in the car, and every once in a while, they even record themselves performing together.
The clip you are just about to see shows them giving a heartfelt performance of the famous duet featuring Sammy Davis Jr. while driving back from the shop.
It’s always nice to see when a dad and his son have a shared interest, and what that common passion involves quality music, that’s even better. You need to see this!

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