Dad Wraps Daughter’s Hair Around Drinking Straws, Now Watch Him Reveal Stunning New Look

Can you think of something more adorable than a dad doing his little girl’s hair and spending quality time together? Seeing a dad put a lot of effort and thought into finding the best ways to bound with his daughter is one of the most precious things ever.
That being said, there is nothing that the awesome dad in the video below enjoys more than spending time with his beautiful little girl and creating sophisticated hairstyles for her. Also, dad likes to share his hairdos with people online and show other dads that they too can create hairstyles that their little princesses will love.
From chic buns to crazy braids, there’s no style this dad hasn’t tackled and the internet can’t get enough of his helpful tips and tricks.
Just recently, the man posted a quick and easy tutorial showing how anyone can get heatless curls using common straws that everyone has around their kitchen.
Who says dads can’t do their daughter’s hair, right? With a few tips from this ingenious daddy, anyone can become an expert and create hairstyles that look like they’ve come straight from a professional salon!
Eager to get started? Here’s a hairstyle anyone can try creating at home!

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