Dad Who Went Viral Releases New Hair-Raising Performance, Leaving Internet Without Words

If you ask me, one of the best things about the Internet and all the social networks we have nowadays is that it allows for talented people to make their talent known amongst the general public and get discovered by professionals who can actually help them advance their careers.
That is pretty much what happened in the case of the man in the video below. After a clip of Kris Jones singing in the car for his daughter went viral, a lot of new and exciting doors opened up for this dad with an incredible voice.
So now the man is back with yet an amazing cover that you will want to listen to over and over again. This time, Kris did a rendition of “In Case You Didn’t Know” and stepped it up a nudge by also inviting a great guitar player to accompany him.
Also, this clip is shot in what looks like a professional studio, so you know Kris is serious about making more quality music for his fans. With a special talent such as his own, it only makes sense to be this way.
Can’t believe that just a couple of years ago, Kris was only singing for his family and friends!

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