Dad Walks with Frightened Son, Bullies Don’t Realize What’s Under His Coat

We all have dreams. And we all have challenges we need to overcome in order to achieve them. For the boy in the video below, his biggest dream was that of becoming a flamenco dancer.
And his biggest challenge was facing the kids on the street who were constantly making fun of him. The 2-minute clip below shares his journey towards fulfilling his greatest dream. And it all started with a judo suit his dad offered him as a gift.
Now you might think: What does a judo suit have to do with dancing? Well, his dad was actually offering him a lot more than just a suit. He offered him a safety net; a way to build up his confidence so that he can believe in himself and go after his dream – without being afraid of the fact that others might not approve of it.
In all fairness, this is just a commercial, but the message it carries is actually an extremely important and valuable life lesson that we should all learn or be reminded of. So please take a moment to share this with all of your friends and family online.

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