Dad Refused to Give His Son Money to Do Chores, Then He Accidentally Makes Him a Millionaire

Let’s be honest: chores are not fun! So it’s no surprise that many parents out there are having a difficult time making their kids spend part of their free time doing chores and helping around the house. So they resort to giving kids money in return for them doing different chores.
But the dad in the video below had another plan in mind. So when his son Caleb came to him saying that he wants to make some money by doing chores, his dad replied by saying this: “You’re going to take out the trash. You’re going to clean your room. And I don’t want you thinking that you’re going to make money in the future by taking out the trash.”
So the man said that he is expecting Caleb to do chores for free, but offered to pay him $20 for every single book he read. He offered him another way to earn money, a way that is going to help him in the long run.
And dad’s idea turned out to be a great one. Although he is only 15 years old, Caleb Maddix is the CEO of his own company, and he is even listed among Forbes’ Top 20 Most Motivational Influencers in the World. This is Caleb explaining why kids and teens should not be paid to do chores!

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