Dad Pulls Back Covers to Check On Sleeping Daughter. Screams for Help Seeing What’s On Her Head

A child’s birthday should be a joyful event filled with laughter. Cake, presents, games, and birthday balloons… These are all staple items that we expect to find at a child’s birthday party because they bring happiness and make the event come together.
And they usually do. However, for the family in the video below, one of these items was the unexpected cause of a tragedy.
8-year-old Jaina McGloghlon was celebrating her birthday with her family and friends at home. Everybody had a great time, but Jaina was feeling a bit tired from all the excitement, so her dad tucked her into bed early.
The man returned half an hour later to check in on the girl who he believed had fallen asleep. But when he stepped into her room, he realized a tragedy had occurred. The man took the covers off and found a balloon on her head. He put her on the floor and immediately cut the balloon off her head. He started CPR, but unfortunately it was too late.
The girl is believed to have suffocated on a Mylar balloon and most likely passed away while she entertained her baby brother using the oversized inflatable.

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