Dad passes away before baby’s born. They take photo of baby being held by his motorcycle gloves

This baby girl has become Internet famous before she’s even opened her eyes. This photo of baby Aubrey wrapped in her father’s motorcycle gloves has been viewed 7 million times. It is incredibly adorable, however the story behind it is the thing that truly separates it. This young lady will never find the opportunity to meet her dad, yet her mom Kathryn Seable Williams, needs to ensure Aubrey knows her dad’s affection knows no natural limits.


Hector Daniel Ferrer Alvarez, Aubrey’s father and Kathryn’s partner, had loved motorcycles, but he also acknowledged how dangerous they were. Knowing he had a little girl in transit, he avoided potential risk and dependably wore the essential defensive rigging and didn’t go for broke. He needed to be there for his little girl. His efforts proved to be in vain. It wasn’t the motorcycle he had to worry about. A month before Aubrey was due, her father, Hector, was killed by “someone he considered a friend.”


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