Dad hands 2-year-old a mic and harmonica. Then he starts singing the deep blues

The little boy in the video below is only two years old, but he’s found his biggest passion in life: music.
Don’t let his age fool you, the toddler already has a bright future ahead of him. Not everybody is lucky enough to find a hobby they can later turn into a career so early one, but this kid is surely among the lucky few.
The boy loves all kinds of music, but his favorite genre is the blues. Surprising for a kid his age, right? Well, it all started after his dad started playing these kinds of songs in the house, and the kid’s interest immediately peaked.
So dad decided to nurture his passion and see where it leads. Well, it led to this awesome video who is getting plenty of love and attention online. In it, the kid can be seen singing in front of a microphone along his dad who is playing the guitar, and it’s enough to put a smile on everybody’s faces.
Although he can’t quite get all the words right yet, his passion is more than obvious. What’s more, he even tries to play the harmonica in the end of the video, and we might say he’s actually pretty good at that also.

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