Dad Decorates Tree with Lights, Suddenly Music Begins & It’s Taken to A Spectacular New Level

Decorating the Christmas tree is without a doubt one of the most popular holiday traditions from across the world. But the family in the video below decided to take things to the next level and really celebrate Christmas in style this year.
And because all family members are big Mariah Carey fans, they wanted to incorporate one of the singer’s most famous Christmas songs as well. The result? A beautifully decorated Christmas tree that looks as if it is “dancing” to the rhythm of the song.
No less than 7,000 lights have been used to decorate the tree and its surroundings so that the impact is as dazzling as possible. And the family had a special reason for creating this special Christmas project.
The family dedicated the final result to their Grandpa Bob who loved Christmas and who had unfortunately passed away. So in his honor, the family wanted to make sure this Christmas would be the best one possible.
The extraordinary light show reminds them of his much grandpa Bob enjoyed the holiday season and makes them feel a little bit closer to him. This is not something you see every day, so make sure to share this with others as well!

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