Dad and Daughter put a camera in their car. Once the music starts, you’ll be smiling ear to ear!

Dads and daughters typically share a strong connection, and the fun dad and daughter in the video below make no exception.
This video showing them lip sync to Keisha’s ‘Timber’ has gone viral, and it’s easy to see why. Many of those who already saw the video commented on the hot dad who in all fairness could pass for the girl’s brother any day of the week.
The two clearly had the time of their lives fooling around in front of the camera to record this video, which is just one more sign of how well they actually get along. It’s nice to see this type of relationship as opposed to kids acting all stiff and very self-conscious around their parents.
These two clearly are the best of friends which only makes their family relationship be that stronger and durable. If more dads will take the time to spend time and just have fun with their daughters, we would see many more happy families than we do today.
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