A couple transformed a school bus into a beautiful, on-the-go home

What comes to mind when you picture your dream home? A big property with a swimming pool and a tennis court? A massive bedroom with an even bigger dressing room?
We all have our own vison about how the perfect house would look like, but I’m going to go on a limb here and assume your vision doesn’t involve living in a former school bus.
Well, it might not be the go-to option for most people, but the couple in the video below managed to turn a school bus into a comfortable loft on wheels, and the best part is that they managed to do it all on their own.
Although they had no idea how to turn a vehicle into a loft, they fell in love with the bus when they saw it, and decided it had enough potential to be turned into a home. When they bought it, it was a totally normal school bus. It had all the seats in it, it had no plumbing, and, of course, it was yellow.
But little by little, the couple managed to turn it into their own version of the perfect home. For them, this is a dream home because it allows them to live the lifestyle they want and travel as far as the road takes them.

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