Couple Drives 10 Hours to Finally Meet Adopted Son, Birth Mom Tells Them to Turn Around

All men and women who want to have children have an idea of how parenthood should look like. And although everyone has their own opinions and beliefs when it comes to what is the best way to raise a child, most people seem to have the same idea about how parenthood should start.
Everyone wants to fall in love and have a baby with that one person they’ve chosen to spend the rest of their lives with. But there is no single recipe for how one should become a parent. For some, welcoming a baby into their lives starts with filling up an adoption form.
It’s the case of the couple in the video below. The two were looking forward to becoming parents and starting their lives as a complete family, but as anyone who is familiar with the process will tell you, adopting a child is anything but easy.
And the worst thing that can happen is getting your hopes high and planning your entire life with a baby in mind only to have the natural birth mom of the baby change her mind and not want to give up the child anymore.
Sadly, it’s what happened to the couple in the video below, and that is not the only heartbreaking event they had to overcome. Take a look:

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