Cop pulls man over for not having baby in car seat. Then he sees wife’s pregnancy test

Generally speaking, when a cop pulls you over, it’s usually bad news. However, in the case of the driver in the video below, it was the beginning of a surprise he will never forget.
As you can see from the footage, the reason stated by the police officer for stopping the man’s car is that he had a child in his car with no car seat. The man looks utterly confused. “I don’t have a child in the car,” he says.
And then is when his wife who was sitting next to him in the car reveals the exciting secret she’s been keeping. Holding a positive pregnancy test, the woman lets him know he is going to be a father soon.
“I’ve been struggling with my psychological disorders; being admitted to an inpatient hospital twice within the last 6 months and numerous Emergency Room visits due to panic and anxiety attacks,” wrote the man online after the video showing his reaction went viral.
“I actually met the officers in the video during a very traumatic panic episode in November 2016 and ever since he’s become a great advocate for my family and I.” What a great story, right?

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