If You Come Across A Bent Tree In The Forest, Start Looking Around Immediately

It’s fall, and as the weather begins to cool down a bit, there’s no better time to take a walk in a forest. The beautiful colors of the leaves, the warm sunlight piercing through the trees and that smell of autumn are just divine!
As you walk through the forest, you may come across one or more bent trees. If that happens, start looking around immediately. Why? Well, it’s one of nature’s hidden secret, but there’s actually a fascinating explanation behind bent trees.
You see, bent trees are a clear Native American trail marker. Indians used to strap the trees down, which resulted into them growing up in this unusual, bent shape. The bent was permanent and guided Indians as they would travel through the forest.
The trees were used to mark safe paths through rough country. It also pointed travelers toward water, food and other important landmarks. So the next time you spot a bent tree in the forest, know that it’s not a nature quirk.
Make sure to share this fascinating piece of information about bent trees and their meaning with others as well. And in case you never seen a bent tree before, you can do it right now via video.
All you have to do is hit that play button.

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