How to clean your glass stovetop! Nifty tips to make your glass stove top sparkling clean again

Glass stoves are supposed to looks shinny and clean, but you and me both know that cleaning a glass stove top can be a tedious and time-consuming task. However, just like in the case of waxing your car, properly cleaning your glass stove top on a regular basis will help protect your stove and keep the dirt, grease and grime from building up.
There are many different methods to clean a glass stove top, but the one shown in the video below is among the best ones. Using this method will help you save both time and money, and it’s likely to become your all-time favorite as soon as you give it a try.
By using this technique to clean your glass stove top, you are protecting against it getting burnt rings around the burners and just plain looking dirty after just a few years of use.
Cleaning caked-on burnt food chunks and stains off of your glass-top stove doesn’t have to resemble a scene from the movie “Mission Impossible.” Give this method a try and get ready to be impressed by the results.
All the instructions you need are provided right here:

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