Child Must Pick Only 1 Of 2 Gifts. His Choice Sends Internet in Tears

If you were to ask pretty much any kid what’s their favorite thing about Christmas, you would most likely get the same answers: the presents. I don’t blame them; everybody loves getting gifts, right?
But as much as they love presents, there’s something else kids – with their innocence and kindness – love more. And that something is their family. At least that’s what the experiment shown in the video below indicates.
The experiment set up by UP TV was meant to capture the reaction of kids of different ages when they were offered the choice to either get a present for themselves or get one for their parents.
To make the choice even more difficult for them, the presents they were offered were all objects the kids desperately wanted. Still, even though it surely was extremely hard for them to give up something they wanted so much, the kids’ selfless behavior shined through.
With Christmas just around the corner, this serves as a great reminder to focus more on the giving part and less on the getting part, at least during this time of the year. Make sure to share this message with all of your friends and family online.

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