Cheerleaders Hoist 4 Girls High In The Air. Next Moment Makes Everyone In Crowd Gasp

Cheerleading is both an art form and a sport. On one hand, the complicate moves require a high level of athleticism and stamina. That’s because cheerleading routines typically include strenuous activities such as tumbling, jumps, and stunts.
However, cheerleaders also have to possess artistic skills to put on a show and execute the routine as to keep audiences engaged.
The point is that cheerleading is a lot harder than professional cheerleaders make it seem. This is what makes the performance in the video below that much more impressive.
These cheerleaders featured in it may be young, but they already have the skills you would expect to see in much more experienced cheerleaders. The confidence with which they execute the complex moves and stunts is mind-boggling.
Dressed in their pretty uniforms, the talented Columbus High School team took over the stage at the state championship competition and stunned everyone in the audience with their stunning routine.
Proudly wearing their school’s colors, the girls flipped, jumped and danced in a perfectly choreographed routine that you’ll want to watch over and over again. These talented girls obviously spent a lot of time rehearsing this routine to perfection and it definitely shows.
Take a look:

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