Cheerleader cries when army father can’t attend ‘Parents Day,’ so high schooler steps in

As a kid, it’s hard when your parents can’t be there for you during special moments in your life. A 9-year-girl from got to experience this first-hand, but luckily, a kindhearted stranger stepped in just at the right moment and saved the day.
You see, Addie Rodriguez is on her school’s cheerleading squad at St. John Bosco Elementary School in San Antonio, Texas. Her squad got to perform at the Central Catholic High School’s football game recently, an event that also included a celebration of Parent’s Day. So pretty much everybody’s parents were there.
Unfortunately, Addie’s dad couldn’t make it to the event, because he is in the military and had served our country in Iraq and Afghanistan.
So when the moment came for cheerleaders to be lifted onto their father’s shoulder, Addie was left standing all alone in front of a huge audience who was just looking at her be left out. It was a heartbreaking moment for her and her mother who was watching the entire scene from the audience.
Also watching was Matthew, a high school boy with a huge heart. The boy rushed to Addie and managed to save the day. Take a look:

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