CEO who raised minimum wage to $70k can’t hold back the tears at ‘thank you’ gift

Currently, the minimum wage in the United States is $15,080 annually for a worker working full time. Anyone who’s ever worked a minimum wage job will tell that doesn’t cover for the basic necessities in life, not to mention supporting a family.
Dan Price, the CEO of Gravity Payments, decided the employees at his company deserve more, so he increased the minimum wage at his company at $70,000. As you can imagine, the increase has tremendously helped the employees, some of whom were really struggling to provide a decent living for their families.
As a way to show appreciation for their CEO significantly increasing their standard of living, the employees decide to surprise Dan in a way he will never forget. The look on his face when he realizes just how much he impacted his employee’s lives is just too good for words to describe.
All good CEO like to know they are making a difference when it comes to the lives of their employees, and this is exactly what Dan Price did when he announced the new minimum wage at his company.
This comes to show that great CEOs are also leaders who can inspire others to do more and be better.

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