Cell Phone Fails

Our cellphones have become such a big part of who we are that most of us can’t imagine life without them. Wherever you look, you see people looking down at their phones or tightly holding them in their hands. We are used to having the world in our palms, and it’s hard to picture a reality in which mobile phones don’t exist.
We rely on our phones for so many different things on a daily basis and rely on their capabilities to perform a wide array of actions. Still, there are certain people who quite honestly should have their cell phone right revoked.
The people in the video below are definitely among them. The clip is a compilation of some of the best cell phone fails captured on video. Some of these might seem too dumb to believe, but they’re definitely real. And you’ll definitely get a good laugh out of watching them!
To wrap up this post, let us give a massive shout out to cell phones for capturing fails, but also for playing a major role in them as well. And may all the cell phones that have unfortunately perished due to irresponsible human behavior rest in peace.

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