Cat Has Treats Stolen by Duck, Gets Quick Revenge That’s Leaving the Internet Rolling in Laughter

You can say whatever you want about cats; that they are lazy and self-absorbed, but one thing you can’t say about them is that they lack determination. In fact, cats have so much determination that it sometimes works against them.
But usually speaking, it’s a personality trait that helps them get what they want. What goes on in the video below is just one more example of cats’ unwillingness to give up when something they want has been taken away from them.
In this particular case, a bunch of ducks have somehow managed to steal the cat’s favorite treat. But before you feel sorry for the cat, know that the feline wasn’t willing to accept the situation and give up her treat without a fight.
And because the ducks were in a pond, the cat had to get creative when it comes to finding a solution on how to recover her treat by getting as little wet as possible. With a little help from her human owner (whom she most commonly addresses to as her servant), the cat not only managed to retrieve her treat, but also starred in a viral video.
If you still had any doubts that cats rule the world, this should settle it for you!

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