Cat Becomes Friends With A Chipmunk, Won’t Stop Cuddling

Sometimes, nature is just asking to be turned into a Disney movie. A movie about a cat that befriends a chipmunk is sure to be a hit among both kids and adults. But you won’t have to wait until the producers at Disney get their hands on script. You can get a preview right now and here, because sometimes reality is even better than a movie.
The cat and chipmunk in the images below are the best of friends, and it looks just as adorable as it sounds. Apparently, no one can resist the fluff of a cat, and this chipmunk makes no exception. The two met while the cat was sunbathing in the middle of the day (you know, like cats do). The chipmunk was casually hanging out in a tree close by to where the cat was and was instantly drawn towards the feline’s smooth, luxurious coat. Even though the tiny rodent was a bit intimidated at first by the cat’s size and attitude, it was brave enough to approach the cat. That fur was just too irresistible!
Surprisingly, the cat didn’t seem to mind the attention and let the chipmunk take a nap on her back. The feline’s owners witnessed the whole scene and didn’t miss on the opportunity to snap some pictures that show this beautiful interaction between the two animals.
The owner then posted the pictures online with the caption ‘My cat made friends with a chipmunk’. The post immediately gained the attention of people online who seemed to enjoy the images showing the unbearably cute encounter.
We’re sure you’re going to like the photos too, so go ahead and take a look!







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