Café Owner Lets Homeless Man Work for The Day. 2 Weeks Later, She Walks in and He’s Still There

Many people would agree that everybody deserves to be given a second chance. Unfortunately, reality is oftentimes a lot different than our expectations. Marcus, a homeless man, knows firsthand just how hard it is to get a second chance once society has labeled you a certain way.
His history of felonies has made it impossible for him to get a job and earn an honest living. So, like many former convicts do, he returned to panhandling and stealing to just stay alive. But his life unexpectedly took a turn for the better when he walked into a coffee shop in Minneapolis and met Cesia Abigail.
The man asked for money, but the woman’s reply left him in surprise. The woman reminded him that nothing comes free in this life, and asked him why doesn’t he get a job.
The man explained his situation and how he can’t get a job due to his past. The woman’s reaction after finding out more about Marcus is now going viral. Instead of chasing Marcus out of his café, the woman did something incredible, and offered him something priceless: a second chance.

Watch the video below to find out more:

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