‘Broken’ Dog Just Wanted To Die–Until He Took An Eye-Opening Trip To The Beach

What can be better than spending the day at the beach and having some fun in the sun with friends? It’s the best solution that is sure to give you a fresh outlook on life and instantly elevate your mood.
Just ask Lou. The pup was feeling a bit depressed after he was adopted from the shelter. The abuse the dog had experienced at his previous home really affected the dog, and some of the dog’s caretakers were afraid the dog was broken beyond repair. His spirit was definitely broken. Lou was afraid to be among other dogs and even among people.
To help him get out of this mood and begin to trust people again, Lou’s new family decided to take him to the Hamptons for the summer. As it turns out, it was exactly what the dog needed to change his outlook on life and really start his new, better life.
Lou loved spending his days playing on the beach, and he even made a new friend: an adorable Bulldog named Buddha. The two instantly hit it off and started spending more and more time together. As you can see in the images below, they love sunbathing together while sitting comfortable on a lounge chair that looks super comfy.
Buddha helped Lou overcome his anxiety and fear of meeting new dogs. All in all, it was an amazing trip for Lou, one that most likely changed the rest of his life.
What can you take from this? Whenever you feel sad and feel like problems are starting to get you down, pack a small bag, call a friend and head straight to the beach!












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