Bride’s father interrupts wedding, grabs bride’s stepfather’s hands and leads him down the aisle

There’s no denying that today’s family structure is a lot more different than it used to be. The concept of family is constantly evolving and adapting to modern times. Nowadays, the traditional structure that says that a family should be composed of a father, mother and children is no longer relevant.
Families today are very different from one another, and that’s only natural considering the world is constantly progressing. Many traditions, however, have remained the same.
For instance, it is customary for the father of the bride to take his daughter to the altar on the day of her wedding day. But what happens when the bride has two fathers who are both eager to follow tradition?
Well, in this case, it might lead to a beautiful moment like the one shown in the video below. Todd Cendrosky, stepfather of Brittany Peck (the bride), assumed he wouldn’t play a visible role in his stepdaughter’s wedding. He knew the woman’s natural father was going to walk her down the aisle.
But as the man was sitting in the crowd, he felt a tug at his sleeve. It was the woman’s natural dad who decided to give him a bigger part in the wedding. Take a look:

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