Bride Ready for Father Daughter Dance, Then Dad Makes Move That Steals the Show

As a dad, walking your daughter down the aisle is one of the most touching moments at a wedding. But once the ceremony has come to an end, and the guests makes their way to the venue where the reception takes place, then is when the real fun begins and everyone gets to showcase their real personalities.
The bride and dad in the video below wanted to take advantage of the fact that the spotlight will be on them during the father-daughter dance to really get the party started and put everyone in a really good mood.
And it’s safe to say they managed to do just that. From classic disco moves to modern hip-hop styles, their choreographed routine made everyone want to stand up and join them on the dancefloor. But the real surprise of the evening was how great of a dancer dad turned out to be.
He definitely managed to keep up with his much younger daughter, and together they had a blast celebrating this special occasion in their lives.
This is for sure not a performance that falls under the usual father-daughter dance routine but that is precisely what makes it stand out from the rest. Take a look:

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