Her Boyfriend Undergoes Makeover, But No One Expects Stunt He Pulls After Seeing New Look

Claribel, the beautiful young woman you are just about to meet by watching the video below is a fashionista. She loves trendy clothes and keeping in touch with the latest news in fashion, which is one of the reasons why she always looks straight out of the cover of a fashion magazine.
Her boyfriend on the other hand never cared too much for fashion. For years, he’s been sporting the same long hair and glasses that make him look a lot older than he is. In terms of clothing, he’s always kept it pretty basic, with his style choices being limited to jeans and a simple T-shirt.
But Claribel has inspired him to make a change and try something new for a change. So the young man agreed to undergo a transformation and give up his long hair in favor of a shorter, more modern haircut.
His wardrobe got a bit of an upgrade as well, and by the time the team of stylists were done with him, he looked like an entirely different person. His girlfriend could barely recognize him; that’s how surprised she was!
But the biggest surprise came when the man got down on one knee and proposed. Watch the entire moment and don’t forget to share!

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