Boy Starts Singing ‘Hallelujah,’ But Song Transforms as 2 Girls Join Him in Chilling Harmony

Is it just me, or are kids these days getting more and more talented? Well, if the video below is any indication of the truth, then it’s safe to say the new generation of singers is now coming with a strong rundown at us.
Patrizia, 12, Simon, 12, and Helen, 11, appeared on Germany’s The Voice Kids show a couple of years back and dazzled everyone with their incredible voices as well as their charisma on stage. Then, they sang a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s classic “Hallelujah” together, and it’s still one of the best versions of the songs I’ve ever heard.
No one would ever be able to guess these kids’ ages just by listening to them sing, as they really do sound like true professional artists. Their performance is even more remarkable considering that the three were in fact competing against one another for a place in the competition.
So the fact that they were able to harmonize so perfectly and help one another shine as well in order to offer the audience a memorable experience is pretty incredible. If you think that young talent deserves to be supported, make sure to share this clip with others so that as many people as possible find out about these three amazing kids.

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