Boy says farewell to best friend, 91-year-old World War II vet from next door

Most of us tend to form friendships with people whom we see on a daily basis. We are friends with our co-workers, our schoolmates, our neighbors, and generally people who are supposed to have similar interests. More often than not, that leads to us making friends with people who are of close age.
But friendships come in all shapes and sizes. Just because you’re thirty years old doesn’t mean you only have to be friends with thirty-year-olds. The world would be a boring place if that was the case.
Erling Kindem, a WWII veteran, and Emmett, a toddler who just started school, are the best example that there are no rules we have to follow when we choose our friends. It’s enough if we follow our hearts.
The two shared a beautiful connection that made both of their lives richer, but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. The man passed away at the nursing home where he’d been receiving hospice care.
Emmett had been visiting just a few days before it happened. The last words he said to the boy will bring you to tears. It’s like the man knew in his heart that it was the last time he could hold his friend’s hand.

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