Boy challenges a ‘statue’ to a dance battle. Now watch an epic dance-off in action

YouTuber “Noster” The Dancer, Noah Kenaley by his real name, was at a shopping mall in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his friends.
There, he was surprised to come across a living “statue.” Because Noah has a great passion for dancing and some impressive skills he loves showing off whenever he has the chance, the boy decided to challenge the statue to a dance-off right there and then.
As it turned out, the man behind the living statue also has plenty of experience when it comes to dance. Moreover, he is actually a member of the dance crew known as The Millennium Robots. They are known for painting themselves silver as if they are robots and also dance in the same style.
Now you may be wondering who ended up winning the dance-off. Well, both of them showed off some impressive skills, but together they managed to put on a show that is sure to stand out. So the real winners were actually the people getting to watch their performance live, right there at the mall.
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