Boaters in Louisiana spot a very rare sight, capture a pink dolphin swimming in the waters

A pink dolphin might sound like something that can only exist in a child’s imagination or in a Disney movie. But the unique dolphin appropriately named Pinkie in the video below is 100% real. Pinkie has been swimming in the Louisiana water for years, and wherever she goes, she doesn’t go unnoticed.
It’s hard to not see a dolphin with such a unique skin color, right? Not many people know this, but dolphins commonly have pink bellies, but seeing a dolphin who is entirely this color is an incredibly rare sight.
So what the explanation for Pinkie’s unique color? Well, according to experts, dolphins who are entirely pink are likely to suffer for albinism, a condition that manifests in humans as well. It’s a genetic condition that causes people, and in this case dolphins, to have an unusual color. Simply put, Pinkie’s body doesn’t produce the normal chemicals that pigment the skin grey.
Despite its surprising color, Pinkie is a happy, energetic dolphin, and doesn’t seem to mind being one of a kind and standing out among other dolphins.
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