BMW Locks Car Thief Inside Stolen Vehicle

A thief who stole a BMW car was caught in a very interesting way.

Anyone who wants to steal a car produced by BMW will think twice before plans to lead the way, given the recent accident. A thief in the United States was captured recently by the authorities in a very strange way.

Apparently, he was in search of cars that could steal a BMW 550i when he discovered the key in the ignition. Given that no driver was inside, the thief was climbed behind the wheel and left. The owner had married the day before and had borrowed a friend’s car. He learned that the car disappeared around 5:00 and reported the theft to the authorities.

These, in turn, appealed to an interesting solution. Thus, the police contacted the manufacturer BMW, and company employees were able to communicate the exact location of the vehicle. Interestingly, law enforcement officers found the vehicle parked and the thief was sleeping inside. “BMW employees could remotely lock car doors, shutting him suspect. Officers woke him suspect, who immediately tried to leave, but failed, “he writes in an official statement sent by the Seattle Police Department.

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