Blind Man Attaches Camera to Guide Dog, Learns The Awful Truth

Not being able to see anything around you and spending every day in the dark comes with challenges and obstacles that all those who have perfect sight can’t even come to imagine.
The 37-year-old doctor named Amit Patel is well aware of how difficult it is to be a blind person, especially in a big city that is extremely hard to navigate if you can’t rely on your sight. The man lost his eyesight in 2012 from a condition that affects the cornea.
Since then, Patel’s life changed dramatically and he was forced to adapt to a new reality that he knew nothing about. His main support through it all are his wife and his guide dog named Kika. But even with their help, Patel still struggles every day with things that most of us take for granted.
To show what it takes to navigate through London, the city he lives in, on a regular day, Patel and his wife strapped a GoPro camera on Kika. And the footage it recorded is outrageous.
The clip is extremely revealing when it comes to the kind of obstacles many disabled people have to face on a day-to-day basis, including being ignored by others when help is needed. Take a look.

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