Blind dog gets surgery and sees owner for the first time

After a lifetime in darkness, a cute cocker spaniel undergoes eye surgery and finally gets the chance to see his human parents – a moment that can be described by words. Meet Olive and her heartbreaking story!

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Just like so many other innocent dogs, Olive ended up on the streets, because of some heartless humans. Left alone on the streets of Los Angeles, the poor little thing had to find a way to make it through. But as being homeless wasn’t difficult enough already, Olive had a very serious cataracts on her eyes. Unfortunately, by the time someone finally rescued her, that issue had dramatically affected her sight. But even though there was still hope!

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Holly and Bart Emmerson – a young couple, fell in love with the friendly pup the next moment they’ve met her. So without a second thought, they took her home and since that moment they promised to do everything in their power to help Olive to see again.

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Even if it shouldn’t have been a big deal, Olive’s cataracts got worse because over three years when she lived on the streets no one offered her some medical care. But thankfully, after years of blindness, the pup finally got the chance to see again. The surgery went as everyone hoped and Olive was about to leave the clinic and step into a brand new different world.

But the moment Olive finally sees the humans that saved her live is so overwhelming. An emotional scene that sent everyone in tears. “Such an incredible moment to witness. The cutest thing ever!” as Holly described it. Have a look:

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