Best Men Trick Groom into Believing He’s Gone Bungee Jump of an Old Bridge

For a lot of men, getting married is a lot like going bungee jumping. You just have to take a leap of faith and hope the string is durable enough to ensure you won’t fall flat on your face. That being said, it seems somewhat appropriate that many son-to-be husbands decide to go bungee jumping as part of their bachelor parties.
It’s what the man in the video below wanted to do on his last day as a free man, but he made one mistake: he decided to trust his friends when it came to making the arrangements. You see, the best men were supposed to arrange for him to jump of an old bridge in a beautiful location, but they had other plans in mind.
Truth be told, the best men did take him near the location where they supposed to. When they got near the spot where he the bachelor was supposed to jump, they blindfolded him and challenged to jump without seeing anything.
The bachelor got mentally prepared for the jump of his life without knowing that he was actually stressing out about jumping into a kiddy pool from a wood board that was almost touching the ground.
This is hilarious:

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