Beloved Teacher Gets Call from Man He Taught 30 Years Ago, Man’s Next Words Changed His Life Forever

When a teacher is at their best, they can change the lives of their students for the better in ways we never even thought were possible.
Just think about it. We all have at least one favorite teacher from school that has somehow impacted our lives. Maybe they’ve offered you a new way of viewing things, opened up your eyes to new possibilities or helped you gain the confidence you needed to go after your dreams.
In the case of the successful surgeon in the video below, that special professor was his 8th grade science teacher, a man named Albert Siedlecki, or “Mr. Sie,” as kids call him.
Mr. Sie is the kind of teacher who always encourages his pupils to give it their best and step outside their comfort zones. His goal has always been to help students reach their full potential. It’s what he did for Lee Buono, one of Mr. Sie’s former students from the 1980s.
Lee is now a prolific neurosurgeon, but he’s never forgotten Mr. Sie and how he helped him. So he decided to give him a call and tell him how much he’s impacted his life. The teacher’s reaction will warm up your heart. Take a look:

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