Beautiful Mother Mama Celebrates Quintuplet Birth With A Stunning Photo Shoot

Kim Tucci of Perth, Western Australia, became an Internet sensation when she posed for a beautiful photoshoot that took place on the beach. Then, people from all over the world admired and shared her beautiful photos. They admired the woman’s beauty, strength and grace. But it wasn’t always easy for Kim.



The news that she was pregnant with quintuplets came as a shock to her and her husband. Having one baby is stressful enough, so imagine how life would be with five babies in the house. The couple knew they life will never be the same and that raising five children will definitely be a huge challenge. However, the soon-to-be parents embraced the news with open arms. They say they wouldn’t want it any other way.

When it comes to the pregnancy period, it’s needless to say that carrying five tiny babies wasn’t easy for the young woman. But it was all worth when the babies decided to make their entrance into the world. This January, Kim gave birth to five babies: four girls and one boy. Ali, Penelope, Tiffany, Beatrix, and Keith are perfectly healthy and just as beautiful as their mom.


The proud mom decided to celebrate their birth with yet another stunning photoshoot. The babies starred along their mom in their very first photoshoot, and the Internet has fallen in love with the photos. Photographer Erin Elizabeth Hoskins is the one who can take the credit for capturing the family’s beauty during this happy time in their lives.

These pictures are precious memories that will stay in the family for years and years to come. Check them out below and get ready to say ‘Aww…’ a lot.


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