Beautiful Girl Makes Decision To Cut Long Hair, New Look Leaves Her Unrecognizable

As a woman, changing your hairstyle is more than just chopping up some of your hair. Changing your hairstyle also comes with a change in attitude – especially if we’re talking about cutting a big chunk of the hair.
When the young woman in the video below stepped into Pierre Michel Salon in New York to get her hair styled by famous Jerome Lordet, she was looking for more than just a haircut. You see, the young woman wanted a fresh new look to empower her and make her feel more confident.
That’s because she is about to start chemotherapy. She knew that Jerome was the one who can give her exactly the haircut she wanted, and she was right. Laura now sports a warrior-like short cut, and she looks absolutely gorgeous. What’s more, the short hair is a lot easier to style, which means Laura can focus her energy on other things that are way more important.
This is a pretty big change considering Laura wore her hair long for most of her life. And by the look on Laura’s face, it’s a change she loves. Check out her amazing transformation in the clip below.

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