Beautiful girl makes decision to cut long hair, new look leaves her unrecognizable

As hard as it may be to understand for some people, cutting your hair short after wearing it long for many years is kind of a big deal. That’s because most of us associate so much about who are with how we look.
So when a woman decides to make a big change and cut her hair really short, know she is up to make some big changes in other aspects of her life as well. In the case of the young woman in the video below, her decision to change her hairstyle came after being diagnosed with cancer.
Laura turned to Jerome Lordet of Pierre Michel Salon in New York City before starting chemotherapy because she wanted a new look that will make her feel empowered and more courageous when fighting with the sickness.
Also, she wanted to feel in control of her body again and give herself a new look. After doing a little bit of research, the young woman came to the conclusion that Jerome was the perfect person for the job!
You won’t believe how the woman looked like after the transformation. And her attitude changed as well. What’s more, the haircut helped her feel more confident. You need to see this!

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