Ballet Cat Dances Like Nobody’s Watching

There’s nothing cats can’t do. They’ve already taken over the Internet with their cuteness and sassiness, but they have no plan to slow down. In fact, cats seems to develop a new skill or ability every day. My guess is that they are just trying to prove they are better than anyone else.



Believe it or not, cats have now entered the ballet world! A graceful feline is getting plenty of love and attention online thanks to some amazing pictures in which she looks like a beautiful ballerina. The cat’s white, soft coat makes it look like she is wearing a tutu, which only makes the resemblance that more obvious.
The cat probably decided there are better ways of spending her time than just watching birds from the window or torturing fellow pets, and started being more active around the house. Her owner noticed the cat’s moves look like a beautiful dance, so she started taking pictures and posting them online



The pictures started getting a lot of attention and the cat pretty much became an Internet sensation overnight. And it is really no surprise why. Cats are known to be extremely flexible and full of grace (even when they lick themselves, it still looks pretty graceful). So in some ways, it totally makes sense that cats would be good ballerinas, right? Still, this cat in particular takes things to a whole new level.



You might find it hard to believe that these photos are real, but they are. It’s crazy what a skilled photographer and a graceful cat can do when they join forces! Take a look and make sure you share this post if you enjoyed it!

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