Baby steals Mom’s phone and runs away. Then Mom realizes the camera recorded everything

It’s 2017, and most kids learn how to use a smartphone sooner than they learn how to tie their shoelaces.
Kids as young as three-year-old know how to navigate the screen of a phone. Driven by their endless curiosity and their desire to explore the world around them and all it contains, many toddlers today “steal” their parents’ phone and go to town playing on them and exploring new features they find.
Now, generally speaking, theft is not funny or adorable. But as always, there are certain exceptions. The adorable baby in the video below stealing her mom’s phone and running away with it is one of the exceptions.
In the video, we can see the baby who is still in diapers grabbing her mom’s phone and making a run for it. It could have been the perfect plan, but there’s one thing the baby didn’t take into account. You see, the camera on the phone was in record mom, so the baby’s entire escape route was caught on video.
The baby’s face expressions as she runs around the house with the phone on her hand will definitely put a big smile on your face. Take a look:

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