Baby Horse Refuses to Leave Mom’s Side. Rescuers Discover They Have To Act Swiftly

We already know that horses are some of the most majestic and most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom, but what not a lot of people know about them is the fact that they are also extremely attached to their family members.
Nowhere is this more obvious than in the video below. The clips shows a foal’s incredible reaction when a rescue team came to help her mom who was in serious distress. The baby horse was so worried about her mom that she started pacing but wouldn’t leave her mom’s side.
The horse couldn’t get up from the ground because her hoof was stuck in her mane, and the rescue team knew that time was of the essence in this case. They needed to get close, but with the horse and her foal getting more and more agitated, they knew this wouldn’t be easy.
Luckily, the rescuers somehow managed to get close enough to help the horse while the foul was doing circles around them. As soon as the rescuers freed mom’s hoof, the foul went straight to her mom to check up on her.
The entire operation was captured on video, and it’s something you don’t want to miss.

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