Baby horse gets upset when he stops petting her. Her revenge? I’m still laughing about it!

This little filly loves a good scratch on her rump, and is more than a little insistent for affection. When her owner stops, she chases him down and presses against him. Once he’s done for good she get’s truly upset and isn’t afraid to misbehave. As he walks away, the petulant little mare gives him a quick swat on the behind with her back leg before sulking off.
This video was posted by Narnian, and gone viral in just few days. More than 500.000 people watched this amazing video : My uncle’s new filly LOVES to have her butt scratched, particularly by my father. She’ll even chase him down when he tries to walk away. I was fortunate enough to catch, on video, the swift kick in the pants she gave him when he turned his back on her. Enjoy! :)” said the author

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