Baby Elephant Knocks Woman Over in Thailand

Elephants are such incredible, complex creatures that it is doubtful that we will ever have a full understanding of the capacity of the elephant brain. However, some things are easy to notice; like elephant’s amazingly joyful and playful spirit.
Looking at what is going on in the video below, it’s easy to see that elephants are just like many of the pets we’re familiar with – only a lot bigger. They love to goof around and play with people, especially in the case of baby elephants.
In the clip, a baby elephant at the Patara Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand surprised a woman tourist with his antics, and the result is going viral. After knocking the woman over, the elephant started rubbing against her, as if it was a dog cuddling with his owner. The woman couldn’t resist his cuteness, and proceeded to give him a good scrub on his back.
After watching this clip, playing with elephants has definitely went up higher on my bucket list, and chances are it will have the same impact on you as well. This is surely a once in a lifetime experience that enriches your life and provides you with a new sense of appreciation for these wonderful animals.

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