If Away From Your Home For Vacation, Place A Quarter Inside A Mug Of Ice In The Freezer

It’s summer, and most of us are planning to go out on vacation for a couple of weeks. Well, before you pack your bags and head out the door, make sure to watch this video. It will save you a lot of trouble when you get back from vacation and to your usual routine.
The food you have in your freezer is probably the last thing on your mind when preparing for an upcoming holiday. However, giving this some thought can help you avoid serious problem in the long run.
You see, it could happen that a power outage or a storm will occur while you are away. If that happens, chances are the food in your freezer will defrost and then freeze back again when the power comes back on.
When you get home from you holiday, you will unware if something like this happened and you risk consuming food that has been contaminated and had gone bad. So how can you know?
Well, there’s actually a simple trick you can use, and all you need is a glass full of water and a coin. This is so clever! You need to check it out:


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